Lawn Trailer Dolly

This is a simple trailer dolly for a small garden or yard trailer with a typical hitch pin attach. Square tubing, a little bit of round pipe, solid round for the axle and trailer attach, a pair of wheels and and common hardware come together to create a very handy item. The trailer is easily moved now by hand. It turns the lawn trailer into a heavy duty little red wagon with no need to fire up the garden tractor to move it around.

Click here to go the the YouTube video of the Lawn Trailer Dolly build.

Welding Cart Update


Adding a shelf to the Northern Tool welding cabinet raises the MIG welder so the cables stay clear of the drawers. More storage and an additional shelf for a plasma cutter adds utility in the same footprint.

The Welding Vice

This is a really great way to hold pieces solid for good square welded joints, like building an extra shelf for a welding cart. Start with clean, shiny metal for a good weld joint.

Bosch Router Table

Review and assembly of the RA1181 table and 1617EVS router.
Here's a video of the unboxing (don't fear, the unboxing part is short) and assembly of the Bosch router table. The result is a very solid and usable router table, paired with a Bosch variable speed router. Check out the video on how this goes together.

Mobile Bench

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Made with some materials that were already available, this lift is an example of using what you got. A scissor jack provides the power to raise the bench up on some good easy rolling wheels. Check out the build video to see how this masterpiece was created.

action shot from welding cart update video

Pyramid Base Grinder Stand

Four pieces of plate are cut and meet at a slightly acute angle to form a pyramid shape for the base. This looks good and sheds grit too. Adjustable feet make it rock solid at any point on the floor.

YouTube video of the Lawn Trailer Dolly build

Cubic Art Display

This is a project created to preserve a street scene drawn on paper folded into a box shape. The cube shape doesn't lend itself to a typical wall frame. The solution is a display with clear acrylic sides that hangs on the wall. And you can see all four sides! Check out the video for details.